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    Fundamental rules force the world to move: survive upturns and downturns, connect together distant and close, stable and dependable, celebrate holidays and engage in daily routine, and accept its challenges, but at the same time always to love yourself. Love for yourself and close or loved ones hides inside everyone of us, but unfolds all around. Do not restrict yourself. Love yourself and your close ones with our new product line, named Linen is Love.

    Printsonlinen – made with our genuine love for art and linen fabric.

    Printsonlinen product line is produced using exceptional design as it is 100 % handmade from organic linen fabric which is enriched with ornaments. Fabric ornaments are solutions of unique design and renew paintings of the most famous artists, known throughout the world. Dresses, blouses, accessories, clothes for children, home textile, table and home decorations. We offer everything what you need at home for you and your loved ones or to your own closet which would look in a way you wish for. Unique. Stylish. Exceptional. Simple, but practical and elegant. Without no exceptions only quality oriented, size and creativity.

    While today’s fashion industry offers standardized silhouettes, fabrics of dubious quality and short-lived tendencies of fashion, Linen is Love offers to customers new conception for linen products which connects together traditional linen and long-linen production experiences. Advanced linen technologies are combined with the usage of organic paints which are human and nature friendly. Our used technology for products production is like a bridge which combines long-standing Lithuanian traditions together with the world famous artworks which allows to escape from the linen fabrics mass production tendencies which evokes boredom and monotonous mood.

    Printsonlinen has brought revolution in a linen product market. Our business story began from the establishment of LG studio of linen product stores and it successfully allowed for us to occupy significant part of linen products market since 1998. We have mastered to take in our hands wholesale and retail trade of linen products in Lithuania and abroad, bringing together a team of highly experienced professionals. Our brand names like Linen and Love, Prints on Linen and LG studio are well known and today offer unique solutions for linen products, consultations about fabrics, sizes and creative decisions, and unlimited creative possibilities.

    We produce each product as if your own love for yourself and the loved ones depend from it.


    We can become your retail and wholesale business partner. Contact with us and we thoroughly discuss your wishes and needs. For your convenience, we share with you basic information relevant to wholesale and retail business partners. 

    Our proposed esthetical solutions for our partners and clients are unique, stylish and exceptional.

    - Our designers solutions are unique.

    • World famous and prominent artists works. Our production line includes paintings of Vincet van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Katsushika Hokusai, Wassily Kandinsky, Mikalojus Konstatinas ─îiurlionis.
    • Your individual wishes, requests and ideas. We make production based on your proposed aesthetic solutions or help for your idea to acquire aesthetic form.

    With love for you, art and linen, contact us and discuss Your wishes and needs.

    Our products

    Table textile:

    • Napkins set

    • Placemats set

    • Table runners

    • Tablecloths

    Kitchen textile:

    • Aprons

    • Kitchen towels

    • Pot holders

    • Kitchen gloves

    Bedroom textile:

    • Bedding sets

    • Pillow covers

    • Cushion covers

    • Bathrobes

    • Pajamas


    • Woman’s dresses

    1. Sleeveless linen dress

    2. Dress with short sleeves

    3. Dress with ¾ sleeves

    4. Double layers dresses

    5. Long linen dress

    6. One size dress

    • Linen tank top / blouses

    • Skirts

    • Men’s shirts

    • Men’s pants

    • Girl’s dresses

    • Boy’s shirts

    • Boy’s pants

    We are able to make all our products with your individual design. 

    Wholesale prices, when you are ordering more than 20 pieces of each product.

    You can visit our printing house in Vilnius, Savanoriu av. 178F. 

    Feel free to contact us if you have any more question +37060413474 (Lina) or by email [email protected]



    Nature-friendly, pigment printing allows to extract all CMYK colors and replicate identical image on linen. 

    We use rail meters (1,5m x 1m), we can prepare the layout of the image according to your needs. Layout depends on model of the product and positioning of the template and the stamp. 

    Price depends on size, preliminary pricing is:

    1 – 5 m 27€ + VAT

    6 – 20 m 24€ + VAT

    20 – 50 m 22€ + VAT

    50 – 200 m 17€ + VAT

    200 and above 15€ + VAT

    We offer our own linen fabrics, we have natural (w/o additives) linen with three surface densities and bleached linen with three surface densities.

    Natural linen:

    150g / m2 (suitable for scarfs, clothes, bedsheets, kitche towels)

    280g / m2 (suitable for table linens, bags, decorative pillows).

    Bleached linen:

    140g / m2 (suitable for scarfs, tunics)

    185g / m2 (suitable for clothes, bedsheets, hand towels),

    280g / m2 (suitable for table lining products, bags, decorative pillows).

    Your own fabrics can be used, but if you want to use fabric other than linen – we cannot guarantee the quality of the printing, because our machine is specifically calibrated for working with linen.    

    If you want to use your own linen, its size must be larger for us to be able to prepare the machine for work (minimum length of linen fabric for preparation of machine must be 5 meters. So if you want to order 10 meters of prints on your linen, you will need to provide 15 meters long roll.

    We will not print on very thick, rough linen. We don’t work with colored linen.


    Printed fabric can be softened up. For this task we use services of “Jogle”. Be aware that piece of fabric becomes about 7% smaller after softening. 


    1. Choose pictures that have fewer dark colors, because they might break and have visible distortions after few washing cycles. It is caused by wrinkling and is not the fault of printing quality. Same as belt buckle causing wrinkles to appear on leather belt.

    2. If you want your picture to be used as an application – choose the dimensions that would allow placing as many copies as it is possible on rail meter, for example, it is possible to produce even eight pictures from one rail meter. 


    We accept .lpg, .tif, .pdf file format. Send them to [email protected] or use our “create” option.   We provide layout design services. Before printing the file, we can send you a preview. 

    Shops in Vilnius:

    • Didzioji g. 10
    • Didzioji g. 11