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    Us and You

    Hello, if you have come to us, then we must be like-minded. Just like you, we are tired of creating and making items out of plain linen fabrics, whilst in the meantime - the whole world is being enchanted by the digital printing. 

    Together with us, today, you can implement all your ideas on linen fabric.

    The possibilities are limitless.

    It all depends on you.

    Let our works rather than words speak for us.


    About company

             "Linen and Amber Studio’ is one of the most stylish and prestigious amber, linen and gift stores chain in Lithuania, comfortably situated in Vilnius Old Town. It is not at all accidental that we have chosen the heart of the Old Town - a city center rich in history - which since the ancient times gave home and place to craft workshops, shops, merchants' houses and mansions of the nobility. Today we are aiming to restore it. While wandering around the streets and the squares of the Old Town, you can feel the old spirit of the city flowing. Whilst visiting the authentic buildings or their fragments, do not hesitate to get a nice souvenir to remind your stay here in Vilnius and some relevant gifts to share with your friends and family along with the memories of this visit.


    Shops in Vilnius:

    • Stikliu g. 3
    • Didzioji g. 10
    • Didzioji g. 11
    • Pilies g. 7
    • Pilies g. 10

    Shop in Trakai:

    • Karaimu g. 43-1