Calendars towels. Our tradition since 2019

The tradition came from the Latin word “tradiare”, which means “to hand over, to transmit”. It is a practice or a ritual that connects us with our roots through generations. Traditions create closeness between each other and give us a feeling that we are part of a deeper existential meaning.

Sometimes you can get nostalgic about the old traditions of your childhood or your past. In a world of constant changes and distance between people, we can carry on an old one or create a new tradition. It’s never too late!

In 2019 we started our own company tradition. Since then each year we design New Year‘s linen calendar towels with the animal symbol of the upcoming year. 2023 is the year of the Black-Water Rabbit. So as mentioned we are keeping our tradition and we already designed NY linen calendar towels with several illustrations and symbols of 2023.

Of course as always, we give you a great chance to create your own unique design. It can be anything, a linen calendar with your painted illustration, animal symbol, animal photo, grandma’s illustration, grandpa’s photo, your brand logo, funny text and many more options. There is also a possibility to make a linen calendar with previous years. For example, make a towel with your child, friend, or father in the year of birth.

In the end, we all know that 2022 year wasn’t so easy. The whole world had a lot of experiences to go through. Again and again we saw how unfair the world could be. But probably in the dark times we always can try to find some sunshine.

Prints on linen” wish you to remember your true values and to have a more peaceful year, full of love and harmony!

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