A Nostalgic Christmas Table Settings from the ’60s

Through this collection, our desire is to share the timeless beauty and delightful nostalgia of the vibrant 1960s. We hope to inspire our clients, emphasizing that creativity has no limits. Let this festive season be a gentle call to pause, allowing time for the joy of decorating a table, reminding us all to enjoy these moments of creativity and celebration.

In the vibrant 1960s, the colors of Christmas – green, red, and white – decorated every festive table, gracing tablecloths and napkins with their timeless charm.

Green, red, and white became the main colors for Christmas table textile because they symbolize the magic of the season. Green represents the everlasting life of evergreen trees, red embodies the warmth of love and togetherness, and white signifies purity and the snow that blankets the world. Together, they weave a story of joy, family, and the timeless traditions that make Christmas so special.

Moreover, during the ’60s, geometric patterns became very popular and often decorated napkins and tablecloths during Christmas. Geometric shapes like rhombuses and other vibrant patterns added a touch of contemporary flair to the traditional festive setting, infusing it with the spirit of the times and capturing the imagination with their playful and eye-catching appeal.

Our teams wishes you a Merry Christmas, where the table is adorned with love and laughter, May the warmth of family around that table fill your hearts with the true spirit of the season.

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